Naturopath @ Home

Offering Holistic Healthcare to You in Clinic or In House

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Helen - The Naturopath offering a range of gentle, nurturing treatments treating the individual with an approach to body centered care for all.

Available in clinic or mobile in home treatments available

Services offered include:

  • Naturopathic Consultations - $60/hr
  • Therapeutic Body Treatments to support body in illness - $60/hr
  • Far Infrared Sauna - (In Clinic) $20 per 30 minutes 
  • Massage - Thai herbal, Hot Stone, Relaxation, Deep Tissue - $60/hour
  • Wellness Support and Nutritional Advice
  • Homeobotanical Remedies $30 per consult plus remedy
  • Bach Flower Remedy Readings $30 per consult plus remedy
  • Practitioner Products at discounted prices